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Spending time in the natural world has many benefits -- it can provide you with a tranquil, quiet, peaceful, calming, healing environment; it can clear your mind and refresh and soothe your body and soul. Get away from the noise -- no cell phones, no traffic. Listen to the chirping of the birds, the wind rustling through the leaves. In the quiet, listen -- hear God speaking to you. My book has sixty pages of God's beautiful handiwork, along with quotes from the Bible, John Muir, Oswald Chambers, and others. The message of the book is "get out in nature where you have no distractions, and you can have a conversation with God." Allow yourself to be renewed by stepping into my book, and walking in nature. Explore this wonderful world God created. Slow down, take some quiet moments to regenerate. Walk and talk with God. "Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you."


First testimonial was reply to free book that I sent to David Jeremiah at Turning Point, as follows:

“Thank you for your absolutely beautiful book. The photography and text of your creative work certainly reflect God’s work of grace in your life. As you continue to grow in your God-given ability, may 2 Corinthians 9:15 and I Peter 5:10 be reflected in everything you do for the cause of Christ. “Thanks be to God for His gift that is too wonderful for words.” “He called you to share in His glory in Christ, a glory that will continue forever.” Thank you for being a wonderful encourager. We are rejoicing in the Lord and rejoicing with you.

More Testimonials

"I’ve long been captivated by Darlene’s stunning images of nature and now I know why. The creative heart of God has captured her eye and used her to illustrate His beauty that surrounds us all.  Her book is an oasis of beauty and peace in a chaotic world. Thank You!" Maurine Satterwhite in California

"I’ve had the pleasure of hiking with this beauty chaser.  Her eye is on the details of the beauty of creation that surrounds us with each passing season. I often hike, but it was her eye that saw the Eagles' nest, with eagles standing on branches nearby, it was her eye that saw the berries on the vine, the names of birds chirping in the branches and the sunlight ...just the right light to capture the palate of color that is impossible to describe. God IS in the details & Darlene chases those details down. Her goal is to take her best shot in order to share with others the beauty she’s experiencing."  Katie Turner in Oregon

"In the three years I have known Darlene, I have seen most, if not all, of her beautiful photographs. Her desire has been to put her photographs in a book form to bless others with the beauty of God's creation, along with scriptures. She has worked long and hard to accomplish that goal. Finally, the book has been published and it is blessing many people. It is beautiful and encouraging."   Sharon Nicholson in Oregon

"Through her photographs, Darlene has captured an awe inspiring window onto the world our Lord has created for us to experience and enjoy. The book includes  incredibly beautiful images to refresh our minds and words to nurture our souls."  JoAnn Manuccia in California

"Jack and I really enjoyed looking through your book together. You have such a wonderful appreciation for the Creator and His awesome creations and an eye for capturing that in a photograph. Thank you so much, Darlene! The Bible quotations along with the pictures are so very beautiful too. We love God’s word the Bible like you do!"  Nancy Myers in Oregon

I found this book to be very uplifting. Extraordinary shots paired with the inspirational quotes really make it stand out.  I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those going through a difficult time in which they need some spiritual encouragement.  Kathleen Anton in Pennsylvania.

"I have had many people gift my book to someone who they think might benefit from the messages of peace, joy, comfort, and tranquility, and help with stress relief, meditation and healing."  Darlene Ashley in Oregon


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Email darlene@ashleysimages to let me know that you are sending a check to my P.O. Box for purchase of my book ($19.95) or books for yourself or possibly as a gift for someone else, e.g., upcoming birthdays or holidays. If not local, add $6.00 for postage and packaging.

God Is In The Details

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